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Jeff Bloomfield "Bloomers"


Nice x 2

This was on our ride to the Moondyne Festival in Toodyay when Bruce lost / found / hid his top box. It was decided at lunch that some of us would return the way we had come and Bloomers would transport the Top Box home to the house of Bruce – a very kind offer. In June Bloomers also received the Good MOM. This was again on a ride led by us to Tammin.On West Dale road Bruce ( again ) was found to have a flat rear tyre, TEC Patrick and Bloomers stopped to assist and after many attempts at repairs gave up and found a kind farmer up the road whom agreed to let them store the bike in his shed, Bloomers then transported Bruce to the home of Bruce!




Simon Beattie



At the start of Will’s ride Simon announced This was his ride” no it is not we all cried ,it is Will’s ride”. Will then went on to explain how we would be going to Bindoon for morning tea, which did include O’Briens Road however to get to O’Briens road we would be going up Reen Road, this Simon did not hear as he was not listening ! So on arrival at O’Briens Road and finding no corner marker he decided he would become one , and so the ride went from 10 to 5 until we were all reunited at Bindoon!




Julie Stephens


Awarded to whom sadly was on her first ride with us and finding herself in second place simply followed the leader - not realising we had a corner-marker system! Luckily the ride was compact and no “ chickens” were lost. We have not seen Julie since!




Rob Chapman



No MOM for August however we did have a“dis-honourable” mention. This was for Rob Chapman for his antics with a brand new BMW loan bike. He had put his BMW in for a service and was about to leave a wet car park when he stalled said bike while attempting a turn! Over he went. Out of the show room came many, not to help Rob from his puddle but to save the BIKE! "Look what you have done", they said. "That will cost you $150.00 - however, because you are our customer $100.00 will do!"

Nice - to be appreciated!



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