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The Ulysses Club has more than 130 branches throughout Australia and you’ve just logged on to the Fremantle Branch. Ulysses is a social club for the over forty’s who have a passion for motorcycling and who have the spark and the drive to go on riding into the future. “Grow Old Disgracefully” is the Ulysses motto and this we uphold to the full. However, we seriously promote safe motorcycling and an acute awareness of other road users.

Being a member of the Ulysses Club means you have a large and wonderful family of like-minded friends and the Fremantle Branch is a great example. We share some truly memorable times, much laughter and plenty of banter (so a good backbone is a bonus!). Once you join, you become a member of the Ulysses Club, which is Australia-wide so you can choose to attend any branch, any function, any ride, anywhere. It’s a good idea to visit the Ulysses Club’s national website for both the history of the Club and a list of all its other branches.

Although rides are scheduled most weekends, we do organise other social events throughout the year so it’s not all about two wheels. Keeping an eye on the Calendar is a good idea in order to keep up with our social life. One constant event is the Fremantle Branch monthly meeting. Wear something comfortable because raucous, belly-aching laughter is definitely on the agenda. Formality is limited to only the most essential requirements of a meeting. The rest of the event is light-hearted with a modicum of that aforementioned banter being the cause of much hilarity as each month collections of stories and antics and tale-tellings are ruthlessly exposed.

Fremantle Branch meetings are set for the second Tuesday of each month (excluding December) see the Calendar - and are held at the The Hamilton Tavern at 330 Carrington Street, Hamilton Hill. Members usually start gathering from around 6.00pm to socialise over a meal before the meeting commences at 7.30pm.

You are most welcome to drop in at our next meeting, and while you’re there, pick up a copy of our monthly newsletter “The Wheezy Rider” (archived copies are here). It will be worth it!


John Peffer (40751)

Branch President



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