George Barber Motor Museum

(Motorcyle Section Only!)



The entrance road to Barber Motorsports Park Outside the Barber Museum; at first, it looks somewhat odd. Then very, very cool The Barber Museum, or, Come on in, it's a museum. No really, it is. Now use the Van Gogh to wipe your feet, because the real artwork is straight ahead And to our left, vintage racers worth more than a house. When you have this many, you store them like matchbox cars. Only these are full sized, mint, and incredible The Vincent Black Shadow. If you have to ask, try Google Onboard the first true Hayabusa, aka the Black Shadow Vintage military motorcycles, looking like they're fresh off the showroom floor. Fortunately, the guns don't fire! What, no tassles? George Barber stacks his bikes on a Christmas tree just like you do. Not!! BMW should make this TODAY Bimota bodywork? Made from UNOBTAINIUM!Let's hang it from the ceiling, shall we? John Surtees, the only man ever to win both Moto GP and F1 championships There's not a bike here we don't salivate over! Ducati + Hailwood = Cool. Every single time Hailwood & Dukes. Magic! Onboard with Hailwood. Have fun lapping the Isle. Back when Biaggi was a great rider without an annoying ego, Aprilia built a replica of his championship 250 GP bike The Bimota V-Due. If it could talk, it would say Still salivating? The greatest purpose-built motorcycle ever, the Britten V1000. Explore its history, it truly is one of a kind. Here's a game for you. Find the parts that weren't meticulously hand built to engineering perfection Onboard the Britten. Paul Smart replica, anyone? That's the guy that started it all.....GET HIM! Read the sign on the wall. Absolutely right! Why deal with the overzealous security guards at Daytona when you can build your own banking? Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang I love you.. Apparently Miguel's dad used to ride a little bit too... Supermono. Like regular mono, only better. Onboard the Supermono. Ohlins, Brembo, magnesium and carbon fiber....Mmmm...yummy The Honda NR750. Oval pistons, gear driven cams, and sensible mirrors In case you were wondering why they built it. Rear Hub Nice tail!! Onboard the NR750. Grab your leather cap and check out the vintage bikes. Board track racing. These were brave individuals indeed... There is no way to include every excellent vehicle displayed at the Barber Museum on this little web page. Get yourself along to Birmingham, Alabama and check it out
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