John Peffer




Why did you join Ulysses?
I joined because I love motorcycling and wanted to meet others with similar interests. I joined with St George Sutherland Branch in the Southern Suburbs of Sydney before moving to Perth in 2009 and affiliating with Fremantle Branch
What is your role in the committee?
Branch President since June 2019, previously I was the Secretary Treasurer
How long have you been a member?
Since 2006
What do you love about riding?
Riding is a visceral experience like my previous sport of snow skiing. It involves the mind and the body as well as being very therapeutic. Like skiing, it requires shifting of balance to fine tune turning and requires you to “read” the road as a skier “reads” the piste.
What was your first bike?
A Bridgestone 90. (Image)I also rode a friends Kawasaki 250 which was very rapid for its time.
What is your current bike (if you are riding) or last bike (if you are no longer riding)?
Kawasaki Ninja ZX9R
What would be your dream bike? Why?
Yamaha FJR 1300 or BMW K1600 GT. I would like a bike that is a bit more comfortable on longer rides with good luggage capacity
What would be your dream bike trip? Why?
Down through the Allgäu region of Germany to Innsbruck. Really beautiful scenery with lots of bends. The last time I did it, I was in a car in the dark, with heavy snow falling. Next time would have to be in good weather on a bike.
Have you had an amazing bike trip? Where?
Used to do an “Over the Hill” ride with some friends. Meet Lower Blue Mountains, the Bells Line of Road, Ilford, Sofala then to Bathurst and return to Sydney
Favourite movie(s)?
North by Northwest with Cary Grant and Avatar
Favourite food?
Something about me that you would never guess!
In my early 20’s, I trained as an Opera singer. Base Baritone and I had a range of over 3 octaves.


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